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Happy Color Quilt

QuiltingPosted by The Mad Patcher Feb 11, 2017 01:53PM
I did it! I finished my happy color quilt. For the longest time I had 2/3 of a jelly roll hidden away in a corner, because I didn't know what to do with it. About a month ago I was browsing through various quilting channels and then it struck me - finally I had an idea! I used Angela Walters' Strip City Quilt from the Midnight Quilt Show as an inspiration. I improvised here and there, so I did not follow here instructions to the point. For example I added three squares that are different than the others to make it more interesting.

At first I didn't have enough color strips in my jelly roll, but I just added some leftover black and white strips from another roll and that solved my problem. I finished piecing the top after only two nights, because it was so much fun! I spent a lot of time measuring and cutting my pieces as accurately as possible and for this reason almost all the points matched up perfectly in the end.

This time I found it really difficult to find a proper backing for my quilt. I spent A LOT of time going back and forth between different fabrics at the fabric store and I ultimately decided on an apple background - I was still doubting my decision even when I had bought the fabric - but when I added it to the quilt sandwich I had finished the binding I was really happy about my decision. I ended up liking the backing so much, because all the colors from the front are represented in the apples and it gives the quilt a playful touch.

For the quilting I chose a simple diamond pattern. Angela Walters does a similar thing, though she adds a floral pattern to the middle of each square. I chose not to do that, because the colors on my quilt were already busy enough. I quilted with a walking foot to make sure that all the layers got fed through the sewing machine evenly. I used the fabric corners as orientation points for my quilting and I think it turned out great. We already love it here at home. It adds some color and happiness to these dark winter days.

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