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Storing my Stash

The PatcherPosted by The Mad Patcher Nov 16, 2016 03:25PM
Many crafters have this issue - where to put all those fabrics, notions and other supplies? It takes a bit of organisational skill to find a way to store everything so it fits your needs, but eventually every crafter finds a way.

I like looking at my stash. It inspires me and at the same time reminds me to use the fabrics that I have, instead of going out to buy new fabrics - allthough I have to admit that I like extending my stash anyway - it's definitely the sewer's curse.

Because I share my sewing space with the living room I want to keep my sewing area in reasonable order, so recently I went out to buy some metal baskets and jars to organize my things.

The jars work perfectly for my sewing notions like zippers, threads and buttons. The great thing about them is that I can see everything, but the dust stays out and everything stays organized. I tried to color coordinate my threads a little, but you know how that goes...

For my fabrics I use metal baskets in different sizes - they can be stacked if necessary. I fold and stack my fabrics nicely, so they look good on the shelf. Each basket has its own color or pattern theme. I also have a big vase that I use for scraps. Every once in a while I try to use them, so my scrap stash doesn't grow beyond control.

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