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Making a buttonhole

SewingPosted by The Mad Patcher Nov 16, 2016 02:30PM

For the longest time I was confused about this long white plastic thing that comes with most sewing machines. Turned out it was for making buttonholes. It sure looks silly, but it does its job. Now that I know how quick and easy it is I sometimes get the urge to make buttonholes where none belong. Here is an easy tutorial:

1. Mark the place on your fabric where you want your buttonhole to be. Be sure that is in the right spot, so that your button can go through it easily.

2. Take your buttonhole foot and place the button you want to use in it like shown in the picture above. Then attach it to your machine with the button in place.

3. Lower the buttonhole sensor. This step is very important, since the sensor measures the length of the button. If this device is not lowered your machine will not stop sewing and just create one endless buttonhole.

4. Set your machine to the buttonhole setting. (On my Singer it is a little rectangle, nr. 67/68).

5. Place your fabric under your buttonhole foot and lower it. Note that the machine is going to start sewing at the end of the buttonhole and therefore is going to sew backwards first. Place your fabric accordingly.

6. Let it sew! It will stop automatically when it is done.

7. Take up the fabric and place a pin right before the end of the buttonhole.

8. Use a seam-ripper to open the fabric towards the pin. Now take out the pin - done!

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